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This adapter is designed to mount a IAC valve on the EGR port of a M122 blower.  
Also it will fit on the M112 EGR which means it will fit the EGR port on the
Whipple and Kenne Bell inlet.  
This is ideal if you want to change your SBTB
to a Dragon TB.  
The IAC relocation becomes a problem with different inlets.  
As the IAC valve hits the coil cover.  Now you don't have to modify
your inlet if you don't want to.  
Just pick up this piece, a IAC block off plate, and the Dragon adapter.
Everything will bolt right on!

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NOTE: When mounting
the IAC motor.
The body of the motor
should be on the
same side as the inlet hose.

Of course this requires the EGR system to be deleted.  
And this makes this a "off road" option only.

EGR Mount IAC Adapters.
$100 shipped
(contiguous 48 states)


Here is one that can mount anywhere.
Just run one hose in.  And one hose out in line.
Available with 5/8" hose barb
or -8 ORB ports.

Remote Mount IAC Adapters.
$100 shipped
(contiguous 48 states)


Here is the block off plate to cover
the original location of your IAC.

Shipped (contiguous 48 states)
Those of you with Crusher Inlets know the IAC motor
hits the AC line against the shock tower.
Now you can use this Adapter to move the IAC away from the line.

$100 shipped (contiguous 48 states)

E-mail me with questions.