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When Ford designed the tubes that pass coolant to the intercooler thru the intake.  They were only looking at 8psi.  This is not a good design for the elevated boost we all subject our cars to in the pursuit of more power.

Recently several have noticed that there intercooler system is becoming pressurized while running hard.  It goes to say the culprit is the slip tubes.  Also as I looked into this I noticed the intercooler can be moved on the stock M5 holes as much as .100" side to side.  
This means if you are not careful you could mount the intercooler at a angle weakening the seal even more.  

Our solution is to tap the intercooler then bolt a adapter directly to the intercooler with O-rings.  This piece passes through another plate that bolts to the intake manifold.  The two pieces then seal the intake air with a 3" silicone hose that fits over the top of both.
This will allow for the small variance in the intercooler position.  Also included is the tap and bolts to upgrade the factory weak M5 bolts with M6 ones.  This helps to center the intercooler and help to reduce the chance that you will break one in your blower.

On top of all this Ford made the stock adapter with 1/2" holes and 5/8" tubes.  This would be fine except all the other lines are 3/4".
Our piece increases this to 5/8" holes and 3/4" tubes eliminating the bottleneck.
Yet another advantage is for the "big" blower guys it is well known that the upper hose is pinched by the blower.  The hoses on this piece are both angled forward giving plenty of room for the larger hoses.


Here you can see it installed under a 3.4L Whipple.

Includes both adapters, hardware, hose,
drills and taps required.

These are made to order.
Thus requiring a couple weeks lead time.

E-mail me if you are interested.