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The best option if your looking to get rid of that steel crossover tube.  It's always in the way of your new blower and intercooler lines.  Not to mention it does not match the custom underhood look you have spent so much money on.

In this setup you get a thermostat housing (thermostat included), and 2 head fittings.  Each one has -12 ORB ports as well as 3/8 NPT ports.  The driver's side fitting has a -8ORB port with a plug so you can burp the system just like Ford intended.  The thermostat housing comes with a Meziere fitting with either a 1 1/2" barb (matches the upper hose), -16 AN, or -20 AN.  This housing has the bypass holes built in so no more drilling the thermostat.  Also it has a extra 1/2NPT port so you can plumb a extra line (I recomend returning your head cooling mod here).

Here you can see the most common way to route the lines.
This setup DOES NOT come with the -12 fittings or hose.

This price includes a Meziere fitting 

and thermostat of your choice.

Shipping included within the U.S.

Fitting options

Lower T manifold.
The top is a 3/4" hose barb that runs to the degass tank.
Choose the size fittings you want for the sides.

(All 96-04 4v engines have 1 3/4" at the radiator and 1 1/2" at the oil cooler)

$160 Shipped in the U.S.
Left Fitting
Right Fitting

Now Available with the Bypass!
This keeps the factory thermostat housing and bypass system.  
Only eliminating the ugly steel crossover tube.
This kit includes the 2 head fittings (same as above) and the non thermostat housing to bring it all together.

$400 Shipped in the U.S.

Fitting options

Here are YouTube videos covering the top and bottom install.

A video I made installing this on my own car.

Part 2 covering the lower half of the install.

Bypass system shown and explained.