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The whole main kit is $600 shipped.

This is because I now use a Silicone O ring to seal the blower.
Also the metal intake and intercooler block gasket isn't included.

These are usually made to order.
So expect a couple weeks lead time.

Please E-mail me before purchase.

Also I have extended pulley hubs so you can
use the M122 snout.

These are $75 when ordered
 with a M122 Kit.
They include hardware,
but no pulley ring.
(or $100 on its own)
The benefits of using the M122 (actually H122) starts with the obvious larger displacement.
122ci per rotation as opposed to 112ci of the stock M112.
Other than that the actual rotors are a revised design known to Eaton engineers as 5th Gen.
The one benefit you can see is the HUGE intake.  Eaton must have learned from all the ports done to the M112. 
Most of the tricks used on the M112 are cast right in to the case.

Here you can see the huge difference between a unported M122 and a ported M112.

All testing was done on my car with the following added mods:

100mm slot style MAF
Dragon TB
Ported lower intake

Long Tube headers

Off road X pipe, catback
60 lb injectors, BAP
updated dual pass intercooler and larger tank
EGR, PCV systems deleted

With this unported M122 with a 2.76" upper pulley stock lower setup I made 535 rwhp and as much as    
550 rwhp SAE

This setup made just over 16 psi all the way to redline.

Then with a POSI Performance port and a 4# lower setup it peaked at 20 psi and tapered to 18.5 at over 6500rpm. 
I ran race gas as 20 psi is high for pump fuel.  With 22 degrees of timing it made
613 rwhp SAE.

On the first run my cap spit coolant on the belt so you see the slip.

But it was backed up with no ice at 608 rwhp SAE.


First off this is not a complete bolt on kit.
It is for the old fashion hot rodder that wants power at a cheap price. 
If you are willing to do some work you should be able to put this together for around $1500 total depending on your
existing mods.
If you are going to run the kind of boost I am seeing you will need to address your fuel system first.  At least a BAP
and 60 lb injectors. 
But you can not fit after market fuel rails.

It does require some machining of the M122 blower for clearance along with moving the air intake to the drivers side
and moving the battery out of the way. 
All of this is not overly complicated as Carlos has shown you can do this within a week.  In fact he had the blower
bolted on in a weekend.

The throttle body adapter is for a Dragon TB with no IAC provision.  If you have one with the provision I have a
block off plate available.

I now have a extended hub so you can use the stock M122 snout if you prefer.  Of course the old technique of using
the M112 snout is a very good option.  In fact it is prefered as it puts the support bearing closer to the pulley.

Read the machine and install instructions to see how involved this is.

Machining Instructions

Install Instructions


Also you can upgrade to a TVS
on the very same plate!

Click here for additional information.